10 Amazing benefits of Ayurveda in your daily Life


Ayurveda urges you to appreciate yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. It wants you to realise how unique you are, and it is meant to help you approach your personal life in the most personalised way imaginable. It helps you to explore your own needs, as well as to develop, heal, and reflect on your life.

Ayurveda is divided into three basic bodily kinds and personality traits called as doshas. The three doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and while most people match one of the three, persons can frequently be a combination of two, with one dosha being more dominant. See the table below to determine your dosha.


  • Creative, Fast to absorb and understand new information, but also quick to forget.
  • Thin, tall, and quick-footed, with a proclivity for chilly hands and feet and discomfort in cold regions.
  • Excited, energetic, and entertaining personality.
  • Irregular daily schedule, high energy in short spurts, and a propensity to fatigue easily and overexert.
  • When in balance, is full of joy and excitement; when out of balance, responds to stress with dread, worry, and anxiety. A propensity to act on impulse, with rushing, fragmented thinking.
  • Generally, have dry skin and hair, and I don’t sweat much.


  • Medium build, robust, and well-built.
  • At their finest, they have a sharp mind, strong concentration, are orderly, focused, aggressive, self-confident, and enterprising. Enjoys a good challenge.
  • When out of balance, you might be aggressive, competitive, demanding, and forceful.
  • They are annoyed if they have to miss or wait for a meal since they have a powerful digestive system and a high hunger.
  • Sunburns readily on light or reddish skin with freckles. Uncomfortable in the sun or hot weather; the heat exhausts them and causes them to perspire profusely.
  • Good public speakers with broad management and leadership abilities, but may turn dictatorial. Temper outbursts, irritability, and wrath are common.
  • Rashes or inflammations of the skin, acne, boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn, acid stomach, sleeplessness, and dry or burning eyes are all common health issues.


  • Relaxed, easy-going, and slow-paced. Affectionate and caring personality, forgiving, sympathetic, and non-judgmental. Trustworthy, steady, and dependable.
  • Physically powerful and of a heavier frame.
  • Have the greatest energy of any constitution, yet it is consistent and long-lasting.
  • Slow speech that reflects a deliberate cognitive process Slower to learn, yet with exceptional long-term memory.
  • Soft hair and skin, big “quiet” eyes, and a low, soft voice are all characteristics of someone with soft hair and skin.
  • Obesity is a risk factor, and you may also have slow digestion.
  • Depression-prone, but kind and self-sufficient.
  • Excellent health and a strong immune system.
  • They are quite peaceful and seek to keep harmony and serenity in their surroundings. Not easily disturbed and may be a source of comfort for others.
  • Possessiveness and attachment to possessions are characteristics.
  • Doesn’t like it when it’s chilly and wet.
  • Colds and congestion, sinus headaches, respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, and atherosclerosis are all examples of physical issues (hardening of the arteries).


Ayurveda is all about realising that being healthy is your natural condition. When you and your surroundings are in harmony, you have optimal health, and when they are not, you have imbalanced health. For example, if you are worried or have health concerns such as constipation or overall lethargy, it is just a question of being out of balance. Imbalances do not arise overnight, therefore you have time to avoid or halt the process of imbalance. When you understand what is causing you to feel out of whack, you can simply refer to the foods to consume or avoid based on your dosha to begin the process of restoring your right state of balance.


We are a part of nature, according to an Ayurvedic philosophy. Nature is made up of five components, which are as follows:

  • Space
  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth

In the practise of Ayurveda, these components, their behaviour, and the connection they have in your life are very important. Air, for example, manifests in your body and mind as great energy and forgetfulness. Inflammation, digestion, and rage are all manifestations of fire in your body and psyche. Earth is associated with your bones, your tenacity for something, and your commitment to people. Once you’ve identified which components are most prevalent in your life, you may determine which dosha you are and aim toward maximum balance.


We frequently need to re-calibrate our mental and physical settings in this day and age. As ever-changing creatures, it is critical to evaluate and eliminate what is no longer serving you and your life. This allows for the introduction of fresh ideas. On a regular basis, cleaning the system with an Ayurvedic-based diet and clearing the mind with things like meditation and yoga can help you to recalibrate with greater ease and achieve inner calm.


Ayurvedic medicine teaches you that you are much more than your skin. You have an essence and an energy that can illuminate the planet. Ayurveda will keep reminding you that you are more than simply muscle and bones, but also a soul that embraces the elements. While the health advantages will assist your physical self, it also brings your mind, body, and soul together and maintains balance throughout it all. You will begin to see and feel that healing comes from inside, beginning with the food you eat.


According to research, Ayurveda can assist on a cellular level. It has been suggested that Ayurveda has the ability to repair cells, demonstrating once again that we have the ability to begin curing ourselves of some diseases just by how we treat our bodies. While research is ongoing, the scientific community is optimistic!


According to the Founder of the Kairali Ayurvedic Centre, there are three types of poisons. The most prevalent is ama, a waste product that accumulates in the digestive tract as a result of consuming too much of the wrong diet. If it is not removed, it will accumulate over time and begin to circulate in your body, causing severe symptoms of imbalance. Ayurvedic habits such as eating your heaviest meal during midday, when the sun is at its maximum, will prevent these poisons from growing further.


Your digestive system will strengthen as you begin to eat for your dosha. Certain meals will activate your digestive system at the appropriate times of day, resulting in a decrease in toxin buildup in your digestive tract. This keeps you from feeling sluggish, allowing you to have more energy! Maintaining a healthy weight and feeling less stressed are other benefits of having excellent digestion.


Simply put, eating has an impact on how you feel. If your digestive system isn’t working properly, you’ll feel uncomfortable and fatigued, which can lead to bad sentiments and, eventually, impact how you present yourself in life. You may begin to discover clarity in your body and mind by embracing a diet that is precisely customised to your requirements. Again, because Ayurveda takes a holistic approach, it has a good effect on your mindfulness practises, reducing stress overall.

10. A Clear and simple DIET REGIME

The Ayurvedic diet is quite specific in terms of what you should consume based on your dosha. The instructions for what to eat and when to eat it are straightforward. This no-nonsense plan is straightforward to follow and provides little opportunity for deviation for people who want rigidity. It may take some getting used to, but think of it as eating the things you were always supposed to eat.

If you want to make long-term changes to your food, health, or even your life, Ayurveda may be the answer! Consider it an all-encompassing wellness plan meant to bring genuine transformation to all part of your life, with solid principles that have been proved tested and successful for ages.

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