Kadikizhi is a very effective ayurvedic treatment where the patient’s whole body is massaged with muslin poultices that are stuffed with powdered pulses and seeds. These bundles are fomented with an herbal starch steam and used for massaging with expertise. Kadikazhi is very effective in relieving several aches and pains, obesity related problems, also improves joint mobility and is beneficial for combating diabetes.

Duration: 60 mins
(50 – 55 mins Ayurveda Massage followed by steam)

Oil Level:

Oil Used: Dhanwantharam Thailam / Kottamchukkadi Thailam (Selected as per your body type)

Recommended Therapist:

>>Successfully done 23,338 Kadikhizi Treatment



    >> Body Stiffness and Pain?
    >> Swelling in joints, muscular spasm, sprain and stiffness?
    >> Do you suffer from spondylosis?

    If you have any of these symptoms, see an Ayurvedic Doctor immediately or experience Kadikhizi Ayurvedic massage.

    It provides relief for those suffering from osteoarthritis, spondylosis, muscular cramps, obesity, swelling, diabetes, and low back pain.

    How Kadikhizi Therapy works ?

    Kizhi Ayurveda massage provides dry heat for aggravated Vata and vatakapha conditions.Kizhi is a technique used in the management of various pain-related conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.It is often combined with massage to increase the pain-relieving benefits.

    Having Muscle fatigue, tiredness and body ache?

    Let Ayurveda solve the problem

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    • Our proprietary “ Synchronisms Energy Excitation System” ( SEES ) is unique in Ayurveda and has been appreciated world over.
    • “Kairali Ayurveda uses Ayurvedic Medicated oil in Kadikizhi therapy. We never reuse the oil for another client.”
    • Kairali Ayurveda has a sustainability program for the oil to be re-purposed as fuel once used in the therapy leaving the lowest waste that on the planet.
    • We have trained therapist with an average experience of over 7 years.

    The Kairali Ayurveda family has been practicing Authentic Ayurveda since 1908.


    Looking for ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis, spondylosis, muscular cramps, obesity, swelling and low Back Pain?


    I suffer from chronic joint pain. Is there a treatment that might offer some relief?

    Pain in the joints is a very common affliction, especially as we get older. The Ayurvedic treatment Kizhi is recommended to help treat and manage sore joints. Click here to find out more about Kizhi.

    Kizhi refers to a sachet or a bundle made of muslin cloth, which contains rice, herbal powders, leaves. Physicians warm these bundles and gently massage them across the body or specific body parts depending on the prescription. Always make sure that you consult with an Ayurvedic physician before starting treatment since each condition requires a specific type of kizhi and application format. The intention is for the body to absorb the medication from the sachet or poultice and sweat from all the heat applied. Physicians apply kizhis usually to specific parts of the body by placing them in these locations for a specific period by applying gentle pressure. This procedure has many benefits.

    Reducing stress, Controlling pain, Sports injuries, Weight loss etc

    Kizhi treatment requires a preliminary assessment by an expert physician who will first assess your symptoms and condition. The physician will recommend the right procedure based on your condition. Each session takes about an hour, and ideally a complete treatment requires about 2 weeks. So, make sure you choose a well-recommended Ayurveda clinic and an experienced doctor before you go on a self-prescription mode. Yes, the treatment works wonders, but only when done the right way.

    Pain in the joints is a very common affliction, especially as we get older. The Ayurvedic treatment Kizhi is recommended to help treat and manage sore joints. Please call +91-9555156156 to find out more about Kizhi


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