5 Super Simple Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety disrupts and interferes with our emotional, social, and professional lives. Worse, this internal event is followed by a slew of additional happenings in the body. For example, your quivers may first cause beads of perspiration to form on your face and make your mouth dry. These symptoms might subsequently progress to constipation in the mornings, chest discomfort, and restless nights. Clearly, the variety of symptoms brought on by anxiety is as vast as the electromagnetic spectrum.

The basis of this wide range of symptoms, however, is one: an imbalance in the body’s vata dosha (air element).

To bring a dosha back into equilibrium, one must follow a diet and lifestyle that has traits that are diametrically opposed to the dosha in question. Vata dosha is associated with characteristics such as lightness, dryness, coldness, and roughness. To restore equilibrium, dietary and lifestyle modifications that bring one into contact with warmth, heaviness, and oiliness are advised.

Your anxiety-relief toolbox with no negative effects:

Simple solutions can simply put the aforementioned idea into effect. The following are some Ayurvedic treatments for anxiety:

1.Eat a vata-balancing diet.

Sweet, salty, and sour flavours should all be present in your diet. Astringent, bitter, and pungent-flavored foods should be avoided. When we say sweet, we mean naturally sweet foods like fruits, not foods with refined sugar. Warm, oily, and moist meals should be included rather than cold and dry ones.

2. Use natural medications to calm your system.

Herbal remedies such as ashwagandha, shankhpushpi, and brahmi calm the nervous system and cleanse the brain. However, before taking them, it is best to visit an Ayurvedic doctor. Ayurvedic doctors provide medications depending on the composition of the patient’s body. Consult a Sri Sri Ayurveda doctor for the most appropriate medical advice.

3. Get an Ayurvedic massage.

Shiro Abhyanga, Shirodhara are unique Ayurvedic massage that thoroughly relaxes the entire body. It entails the use of Ayurvedic oils and heated basalt stones in water. The heat from the stones aids in balancing the vata element and restoring equilibrium to the body and psyche. Kairali’s proprietary “Synchronisms Energy Excitation System” (SEES) is unique in Ayurveda and has been appreciated world over and we have trained therapist with an average experience of over 7 years.

4. Maintain a routine

Following a schedule tremendously aids in balancing vata. So, make sure you stick to a schedule for sleeping, waking up, and eating.

5. Practice yoga, pranayam, and meditation.

Yoga, pranayam, and meditation have been scientifically proved to be beneficial in decreasing anxiety. It is thus very advised to set aside some time each day to practise these old tools. Their practise will not only make you calmer, but it will also make you more efficient and focused.

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