Why Ayurveda is a Must to Prevent Eye Flu: A Holistic Approach to Tackling Rising Cases in Delhi NCR

Eye Flu
Health officials and locals in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) are both concerned about the rising number of eye flu cases. A common eye illness characterized by redness, itching, and pain in the eyes is known as eye flu, often referred to as conjunctivitis or pink eye and is brought on by viruses, bacteria, or allergies.
Delhi NCR has seen an increase in occurrences of eye flu in recent years, necessitating the need for a thorough and preventative strategy to address this problem. Ayurveda, the traditional holistic medical system of ancient India, provides a healthy and efficient means of managing and preventing eye flu while enhancing general eye health.
Eye Flu

Knowing the causes of eye flu:

It is critical to understand eye flu and its possible causes before exploring Ayurvedic treatment options. Eye flu can be brought on by viral or bacterial diseases and is frequently shared by contaminated hands, towels, or eye makeup. Symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis can be similar to those of infections and can be brought on by allergens such pollen, dust, and pet dander.
The importance of a preventative strategy
Adopting a preventative strategy is essential to stop the spread of the eye flu given the increase in cases. In addition to lowering the likelihood of the illness, preventive actions also support good eye health and general wellbeing. With its emphasis on the whole person, Ayurveda offers a fantastic way to deal with eye fever and its underlying causes.

Ayurveda for Eye Flu Prevention:

Therapies that nourish the eyes: Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on the value of feeding the eyes in order to keep them healthy. The Ayurvedic eye remedy known as Netra Tarpana involves bathing the eyes with medicinal ghee. This treatment lowers the risk of infections and eye flu while soothing and safeguarding the eyes.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Several Ayurvedic plants have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics that can benefit the health of the eyes. Some of the plants frequently used to purify and shield the eyes include triphala, neem, amla, and turmeric.
Ayurvedic Diet:
Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on the value of a balanced diet in preserving overall health, which includes eye health. Consuming foods high in antioxidants, vitamin A, and C helps boost immunity and guard against eye infections.

Lifestyle and Hygiene:

 Ayurveda focuses a strong emphasis on practises related to lifestyle and cleanliness. The prevention of eye flu and other illnesses can be greatly helped by getting sufficient sleep, exercising frequently, and practising good cleanliness.
In order to stop the spread of eye flu, prompt attention must be paid to the growing number of patients in Delhi-National Capital Region. Ayurveda offers a comprehensive strategy for enhancing eye health and avoiding eye sickness. We may strengthen our immune systems, enhance eye health, and lower the chance of eye flu infections by combining Ayurvedic practises including nourishing eye treatments, eye exercises, and the use of particular herbs.
Consult an ophthalmologist right away if you have significant pain or persistent symptoms of the eye illness. We can work together to create a healthier and infection-free environment for the people of Delhi NCR by fusing the greatest elements of contemporary medicine with age-old healing techniques.
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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any Ayurvedic treatment or making changes to your healthcare routine.

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