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~Ayurvedic Way to lose weight~

Obesity is one of the biggest problems related to health in today’s times and should be taken seriously. Not restricted to adults alone, lifestyle diseases have started hitting kids as well. Globally, 14.2 million people between the ages of 30-69 years, die prematurely each year from diseases like obesity, heart attack, diabetes, pain and high blood pressure etc.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder of the modern age. It is characterized by excess accumulation of fat in the body. Continuous indulgence in high fat, fried foods, along with a sedentary lifestyle results in excessive fat getting blocked in various body channels. Obesity in turn causes a number of metabolic disturbances such as hypertension, diabetes, irregular digestion etc. It can affect social life too. Overweight, if not controlled, can lead to obesity.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity at Kairali Ayurvedic Centre?

There are remedies in Ayurveda for weight loss and to maintain the health of people who are obese or overweight. Deep, dry massages with herbal powders and pastes (Udwarthanam), synchronized massage with specific oils (Abhyanga), and herbal steam bath helps mobilize the accumulated fat; whereas specially designed diets and yoga programs prevent its further accumulation.

Appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also administered based on the requirement of the individual.
At Kairali, a customized diet plan for clients is provided. Ayurveda uses the concept of doshas to explain how diseases manifest. The diet prescribed will be aimed at reducing the aggravated Kapha dosha.



I used to weigh more than 100kg before enrolling in Kairali’s Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program. When I first started the programme, my main aim was to reduce weight. However, after consulting with and being guided by the Ayurvedic doctor there, my goal became not simply to reduce weight but also to maintain a naturally healthy physique.

I was given a detailed diet and lifestyle plan, which was hard to follow in the initial weeks as much as the diet was necessary, so were the routine therapeutic oil massages and yoga – performed and instructed by trained therapists, all under the secure guidance of the Ayurveda doctors at Kairali.



I reduced a few kilos and got a new perspective on managing my body weight and keeping an active lifestyle after four weeks of rigorous yoga instruction, treatments, and dietary modifications.

My doctor called me a few weeks after my programme concluded to see how I was doing and whether or not the treatment was beneficial. That follow-up contact alone was a huge motivator for me to keep going. I want to return to the programme in the near future to continue my weight reduction journey, and I am really enthusiastic about it.

Successfully treated 4 Lakh+ Clients for weight loss. Are you unhappy about excess fat along your waist?

Let Ayurveda solve the problem

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  • Our proprietary “ Synchronisms Energy Excitation System” ( SEES ) is unique in Ayurveda and has been appreciated the world over.
  • Kairali Ayurveda uses Ayurvedic Medicated oil in weight loss therapy. We never reuse the oil for another client.
  • Kairali Ayurveda has a sustainability program for the oil to be re-purposed as fuel once used in the therapy leaving the lowest waste possible on the planet
  • We have trained therapists with an average experience of over 7 years.

The Kairali Ayurveda family has been practicing Authentic Ayurveda since 1908.


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Which Ayurvedic treatment is best for weight loss?

If you’re looking for an effective weight management program that helps you maintain your optimal weight, then Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is your best option. An exprienced Ayurvedic physician will help you find the best Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss that is suitable for your body type and this can help you achieve a healthy body.

This can be achieved with weight loss Ayurveda Therapies and Diet. It will begin with the Panchakarma process that is aimed at helping reduce toxins in the body. Once the Panchakarma has been done, we move on to Swedanam (steam bath treatment) and then Abhyangam (massage using therapeutic oils), Udhwarthanam (massage using Udhwarthanam powder). While these therapies are ongoing, the individual must also practice yoga every day and strictly maintain a Ayurvedic Diet.

You can get rid of excess belly fat by undergoing Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss and making specific dietary and lifestyle changes mentioned in Ayurveda. Eating smaller meals with a gap of at least 3 hours, including fruits and vegetables in the diet, consuming low-calorie meals, and drinking a glass of lukewarm water mixed with lime and honey on an empty stomach will aid in belly fat loss.

Losing weight is not a quick process and an Ayurvedic weight loss program isn’t completely focused on that one aspect. An Ayurvedic weight loss treatment involves the consumption of a good diet, Yoga, and Ayurvedic massages with herbal therapies and plant-based ingredients. You can observe changes in your body within a week following the treatment.

Yes! Since an Ayurvedic diet revolves around whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and natural fats, it is quite healthy for anyone who follows it. As part of the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss, you will have a restricted intake of processed foods which will be followed by exercise, yoga, and meditation. Ayurvedic diets can help encourage your overall wellness and help you become healthier.


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